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Professional Summary

Building on a decision making framework that strives to derive value in all I do, I have cultivated a unique mix of professional roles. I am an entrepreneur, consultant, presenter, and teacher.  I use various mental models as a starting place for the work I do, but I evolve those models within the context of my work.  I walk the journey of change with others because I care deeply for the individuals and organizations I serve.​


Human Resources,  Training & Design     Leadership Development   
Event Planning    Brand Management    Data Analysis    Public Speaking


I view most of what I do through a change management lens and like to collaborate with others doing work that makes a difference in the lives of others. My goal is to provide hope to others in making the unseen seen. To that end, I have established Strengthening Organizations which uses a proprietary assessment to assess Leadership Context. Click here for more information about Strengthening Organizations and the OXI.


Having worked in multiple industries in multiple roles, I bring a strong-
consultant mentality to all I do. The bottom line is always to coach others to enable an
effective and efficient organizational entity.
Click here to connect with my LinkedIn profile for more information.


From lunch and learns to conferences to large scale venues, I have presented various topics of current interest. Click here to view a list of presentations.


I have taught over 2,000 individuals, from 20 – 60 years of age in tradition, adult accelerated and master level business and leadership courses. Some of my most interesting teaching assignments have been associated with real life experiences such as implementing an entrepreneurial competition. Click here to view a list of articles celebrating my students’ entrepreneurial achievements.

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