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Day 10 in Israel: Do Angels Have Bodies?

One of the questions often asked in a discussion about angels is whether they have bodies. A quick Google search confirmed what I remember from these discussions and the answer is no. 

Yet, we are embodied entities and God sent his only Son to walk with us on this earth in human body form. Our bodies are important piece to the spiritual puzzle and we need to pay attention to it 

This became very evident today when one member of our group became dehydrated about 5 miles into our 10 mile pilgrimage walk. This terrain is a little different than the flatlands from the Midwest U.S. region. We walked up and down mountains, through dried river beds, between swarms of ants and bees, and nestled up to a herd of cows. This picture captures just a few; there were over 30 resting and eating in the warm sun. 

We should have taken a clue from the cows to get out of the 90+ degrees sun, but even when we don't listen to our bodies, God provides. 

The Miracle

Today one of the members of our group became severely dehydrated and couldn't continue. While we were seeking shade and attempting to determine how we would move her there, a team member found this chair behind a barbed wire fence. Then, a car started to come down the deserted, barely used road driven by a man of peace.  After the man drove our group member back to where we are staying, we continued along the trail pondering all we had seen. 

I had expected to experience quite a bit when I decided to pursue this opportunity to visit Israel. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think I might actually be witness to a miracle while I walked with Christ's disciples on the roads around Galilee.

Perhaps, that is the true miracle. I was blind but now I see. 

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