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Day 4 in Israel: Unplanned Moment

Today we visited very standard tourist must-see sites as well as some with deep historical significance. 

However, as I sit here this evening pondering my day, it's the unplanned, spontaneous moment that occurred at the end of the night that makes me smile. 

The Key Keeper

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is where many Christians believe Jesus was crucified and entombed. Since there are so many different Christian groups who would LOVE to be the keeper of the church, it was decided long ago to entrust the key to one Muslim family. Passed down through generations, one person from this family locks and unlocks the church each day. Tonight I was blessed enough to see the locking of the church and, in modern day tradition, get a selfie with the lock keeper!

Toured Today: 

1. The church which commemorates where Jesus was born. 

2. The church which commemorates the shepherds that went to visit Jesus after his birth. 

2. The church (above) which commemorates the place where Jesus was crucified. 

3. The Israel Museum to see some of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a replica of the city.

4. The place where Herod the Great is supposedly buried, although this fact is still being debated.

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