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Day 9 in Israel: Selah

Tomorrow we walk 10 miles on the Jesus Trail so today was a day of Selah, which means to pause and reflect. The word Selah is used 94 total times in the Bible; 91 times in the Psalms. 

I wasn't really interested in pausing and reflecting today. I am not good at it. I fill all my days, including my weekends, with tasks that need to be done.  This has been my lifestyle for decades. It has come to define who I am. Except today, in my day of rest, I remembered it doesn't define who I was supposed to be. 

Matthew 16:15-16

This is the cave where Jesus asked His disciples who do you say that I am. Peter, in a moment of clarity, responds by saying that Jesus is the Son of the living God. 

What Scripture doesn't tell us is that this cave is a pagan temple called the Gates of Hades. It is located in Caesarea Philippe and honors the god of Pan. 

The story continues. Jesus is so pleased by Peter's response that Jesus tells Peter on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. 

As with many artifacts here, there are multiple interpretations. It has been suggested the phrase "on this rock" symbolizes the church, Peter's confession, or the truth. 

So Who Am I

I thought of this story at the start of my day of rest. I put myself in the story as my guided meditation example from the previous day reminded me to do. However, in my own creative twist to the exercise, I imagined myself asking Jesus who do YOU say I am? Who did YOU design me to be? 

I didn't hear an answer to my question because my day of rest reminded me I honor way too many 21st century pagan gods. I do not practice self care. I rarely slow down. I am often more worried about tomorrow than enjoying the moment God has given me today. The interpretations of who I could be are as varied as the possible meanings. 

However, Peter's moment of clarity gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, I can hear the answer to my own question which is: Jesus, who do YOU say that I am?

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