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Last Day in Israel: The Call

My last day in Israel started and ended with the students who have been gracious enough to open their arms and welcome me as a traveling companion these last two weeks. 

This morning our final class discussion was about discipleship. One of the youngest members of the group ended the dialogue about wanting to be "just like us" (e.g., those that talk about ideas). 

My soul screamed at him. Don't be like us; we need to be more like you. 

This young man has already served in the navy for 5 years and was the corpsman (medic) of his unit. He purposely walked at the end of our group on both the trail walks to ensure no one was left behind. When a member of the group was struggling, he carried her bag. When a supply was needed, he miraculously pulled it out of his bag. He was a walking Mary Poppins. He was focused on others and he was joyful! What a gift he was to the group. He didn't talk; he did. Scripture tells us the first believers praised God and enjoyed favor with the people. And every day, the Lord added to their numbers those who were saved (Acts 3:47). That is discipleship.  

So, here is the deal. I learned a lot but think I have a lot more to learn in this great country of Israel. Who wants to call my husband and tell him I want to come back next year? :) 

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