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Second Moms

When it was time for my mission team to leave the Dios es Amor church, we all lined up to give the customary goodbye greeting to the children and adults whom we had been serving throughout the week. In all honesty, I was just going through the motions until I got to Brother Luis’ wife, Adrisa. Adrisa didn’t just embrace me. She hugged me. Hard. It was a visceral, woman-to-woman, mom-to-mom hug that transcended our language barrier. In that moment, all her successes, fears, joys, hopes, and tears were transferred to me as her soul spoke to my soul.  Adrisa had shared a bit of her story throughout the week. Through our dedicated translator, we learned that Adrisa used to be a school teacher but she gave up her profession to serve with her husband in this church named God is Love. Adrisa served the church by leading the after-school care program with a firm hand and a loving embrace. There were rules. First and foremost, homework must be done before any games were played. All week I pondered how does someone choose to do exactly what one was doing before but without a salary, title, or resources. 

Scripture tells us that Jesus called out to Peter as he was casting out his net, completing his profession as a fisherman. Jesus said if you follow me, I will help you find your true calling and purpose and make you fishers of men (Matthew 4:18-19). Adrisa is a modern-day Peter in my book, giving up being a teacher to simply teach. She is a second mom to many of the children at the church. And on this day, I honor her as well as all of those women who sacrifice in some way to give to those who are not their own. 

======= Consider honoring a second mom in your life with a donation to help the “God is Love” church in Ecuador.

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