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Through the Misty Looking Glass

Updated: May 18, 2020

Lewis Carroll's story titled Through the Looking Glass, describes Alice as she walks through a mirror into a seemingly upside down world. As I think of the stories I like the most from 2015, they resonate with this theme, but with a twist. Instead of a clear mirror opening a door to an unclear, confusing world, two entrepreneurs walk through an unclear, possibly confusing circumstance to bring clarity to a future situation. 

Both these individuals inspire me to think differently. This week, at Judson University, we obtained approval to transform two business classrooms. One will be a high tech, glossy showcase of an envisioned future. The other will be a Maker Space, a low-key hangout designed to foster creative and innovative thought. While my natural inclination is to step gingerly through the glass, these entrepreneurs remind me to walk boldly through it, transforming our messy current circumstance into a future that is crystal clear.

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