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Hope Works!

I talked to my dad on Easter evening. Once we got past sharing how we spent our days, our conversation turned to my desire to raise funds for a church in Ecuador as I trained for the Chicago Marathon. He asked some good questions about how the money would get to the people in need and for what it would be used. At that point, I had a general sense as to how this process would work but nothing concrete to share with confidence. 

It is a funny thing about child / parent discussions. It really doesn’t matter if one is 20 or over 50, there is a certain dread that comes with not having answers when a parent asks. At 20 one can get away with “not really knowing any better.” At 50+, I didn’t have that luxury, so the quest was on! 

I am thrilled to report that I have figured it out and the process works! Your donations have been transferred to a not-for-profit organization in South Carolina called Education Equals Hope (E=H). They are on the ground in Ecuador and will ensure the money goes to the children at the church called Dios Es Amor!  

As it turns out, as an educator, this organization is aligned with everything that I believe in. E=H’s mission is to provide quality education to children around the world to transform lives and communities. In the United States, higher education has become equivalent to test scores and student loans. For those living in desperate and difficult situations, education still equals hope! 

You can learn more about Education Equals Hope by visiting their website at I hope you will take a moment to watch this video. Most of it is recorded on the very street upon which the church is located and speaks directly to how your funds could be used. 


Click on the link below if you are feeling called to contribute to the church in Quito. Your not-for-profit donation is tax deductible using EIN #217-0832096. 

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