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Rest in Peace

When I first reached out to Education Equals Hope to discuss the prospect of using the organization to transfer funds to the Dios es Amor church, the response from the executive director made my heart pause a beat. She said:  

They just had a church member die on Monday, and the family doesn't have enough money for a coffin and the hospital was giving them a terrible time about coming to collect the body.  Hard realities of poverty that one generally doesn't ever have to consider.

This past year many of my friends and colleagues have had a parent or loved one pass away. Depending on the relationship, I have watched the process of coordinating the final goodbyes from various viewpoints. It is never an easy time, but I can’t imagine the angst of not being able to bury a loved one because the hospital won’t release the body. In the States, even if one doesn't have the funds, credit cards enable a reprieve to deal with the financial struggle another day. 


To honor of a loved one that has passed away, please consider clicking on the link below and making a donation to the church in Quito. Your donation is tax deductible using EIN #217-0832096. 

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